IIA Working Groups

India Insurtech Association (IIA) is setting up working groups with an objective to conduct research and frame standards for best practices that can be adopted rapidly by the insurance and insurtech industry. IIA Working Groups (IWGs) have been constituted under the chairmanship of senior professionals from the insurtech industry. The IWGs will build consensus and harmonize the interests of various stakeholders and proactively make necessary contributions in the form of whitepapers that can be readily adopted by the industry. IWGs have been constituted with the participation of all the stakeholders like industry professionals, founders of InsurTechs, stakeholders, and academia. The IWGs will meet periodically and focus on generating ‘outputs’. The outputs will provide technical or commercial insights for the insurtech industry at large. Some of the examples of outputs include:
  1. Standards and frameworks that can be adopted by the insurtech industry
  2. Guidance notes on best industry practices to be followed
  3. Workshops for larger stakeholder participation
  4. Public roundtables/panels to discuss findings of the IWG