IIA has a full-fledged team of experienced industry professionals heading various initiatives

IIA Initiatives

India Insurtech Map

In collaboration with The Digital Insurer (TDI) – IIA has launched this dynamic India Insurtech Map.

International partnerships

IIA is actively forming a network of partnerships with various international organisations and associations to build Insurtech bridges to bring India insurtech abroad as well as helping international insurtech players to explore the growing Indian landscape

Actuarial community

IIA is forming a community of Indian actuary experts to help the insurtech startups gain expertise in the actuarial aspects of their business.

India Insurtech Stack

IIA has put together a panel of experts to take a stab at what the future of the India Insuretech Stack will look like

Annual Report

Do you want to know what is the Indian Insurtech landscape looks like? With this report as an industry participant you will be able to get a very good sense of the fast changing Indian Insurtech industry. We will cover startups, use cases of collaborations as well forward thinking thought pieces from the industry leaders.

ITC + DIA World Tour

IIA conducted two events in collaboration with Insurtech Connect and The digital Insurance agenda..

Thought Leadership